Have your children ever played a doggie machine? Admit it, you remember the ones at funfairs, La Ronde, the local arcade or the cinema.

We used to say that these machines were rigged, partly because of the difficulty of collecting a plush toy. It’s a well-known fact that in fairground gaming booths, a few tricks are in order to avoid easy wins.

No problem! BoulZeye has chosen to bring back the catch-all, originally popularized in the 1980s. An addition to the 35 games in the arcade section. They’re waiting for you, and it goes without saying that they’re designed to help you win.

There’s no cheating here – it’s your talent that counts.


Did you know that this type of toy catcher was first seen in Japan and Korea? Initially, they were small machines for collecting sweets. Later came the toy and plush machines we know today, no doubt due to the popularity of the concept.

When they arrived in North America, they were quickly installed in various strategic locations to arouse the curiosity and interest of children… including, no doubt, yours, when you were younger. Don’t forget!

  • Shopping malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Temporary circuses in supermarket parking lots
  • Street fairs and neighborhood events
  • Cinemas
  • Arcades

But it’s not just kids who love this game. Some adults still like to hone their skills and challenge themselves to see if they can outwit various machines.

Such is the case of a Chinese player by the name of Chen Zhitong. Much to the dismay of machine owners, they saw their inventory dwindle by almost 15,000 doggies in a single year.

So we’ve collected his tips and other tricks for you to pass on to your kids (or for your own guilty pleasure) when you come to try out our new machines.


You might say, “Well, there’s a claw and some doggies”. But what about the mechanism and how it works?

Basically, you have the gripper mechanism, which slides in two axes, front to back and side to side. The clamp then descends and tightens, allowing you to pick up the toy and drop it.

The whole thing is controlled by a joystick and a button, and defined by a specific time from 15 seconds to 1 minute. There are 2 types of machine.

  1. Those that are semi-automatic and limit the number of lateral movements, or those in which these movements must be performed in a precise order. Most of the time, when the time is up, the clamp descends by itself and returns to the chute automatically.
  2. Then there are those that give you more latitude, both in movements on the main axis and in lowering and adjusting the angle of the clamp’s grip. Then you can raise the gripper and guide it manually towards the chute.


You’ll see, with a little practice (or sometimes with beginner’s luck), you’ll easily win plushies with BoulZeye’s machines. A great opportunity to develop your talents and those of your children.


There are no big secrets to outsmarting the mechanism. According to Zhitong, there are 3 criteria to check:

  • The grip of the pliers, which must be sufficient when gripping a toy;
  • The magnitude of the pliers’ angle of rotation;
  • The arrangement of the toys (in a line, stacked, ordered).

And when you’re playing, forget everything around you and keep your focus on the goal. The doggie in the chute!


If you want to improve your success rate, consider these 7 pro tips too:

  1. Aim for as much of the plushie’s chest as possible so that it has as much surface area as possible on which to close. However, if the plushie is too big, aim for a smaller area where the pliers will have a better grip.
  2. Don’t waste time choosing your favorite doggie if it’s too stuck. Instead, choose the ones on top with a perimeter of clearance all around.
  3. Observe! Other players can guide you if you take a look at how they do things. You’ll avoid the same mistakes and learn from their technique.
  4. Teamwork is key! If someone can help you look at the sides of the box while you manipulate the pliers, you’ll have a better chance of aligning your pliers centered on your grip.
  5. Choose a toy close to the drop point. You’ll be less likely to drop it on the way home.
  6. Practice manipulating your arm with the joystick, and rather than aiming for success straight away, give yourself a few adjustment strokes.
  7. Be logical. Choose a machine with fewer toys. You’ll have more space and a better chance of catching them.

With family, friends or at a children’s party, you can count on the BoulZeye team for a fun and memorable time.

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