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Difficulty Easy-Medium

Dr Walter Brandt is a high-ranking US government official and chemical weapons specialist. He’s part of a secret agency known only by a mysterious series of numbers and letters. He has developed powerful viruses capable of wiping out enemy forces with deadly speed and precision.

Foreign powers took notice of Dr. Brandt’s work and recruited him to develop a powerful virus capable of killing their enemies in a matter of hours. He has become a fraud, a threat to the United States and potentially to the entire human race.


Difficulty Medium

February 25, 1931, Central Europe

Aboard the famous trans-European train, the Budapest Express, you’re with Karine Peaufiner, a famous French detective from Paris. You’re off to Budapest to meet other detectives, who will show you the latest developments in forensic identification at crime scenes.

It’s nighttime and you’re slowly crossing the heart of Europe in a heavy snowstorm. You review survey notes in your cabin with Karine and your colleagues. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door – it’s the captain.

TH3 C0D3

Difficulty Easy-Medium

January 23, 2015, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The video begins in the style of a local news bulletin. A stereotypical newscaster’s voice begins to introduce a report:

“You’re looking at KDKA, Boston’s most trusted local news source! An alarming story comes to us from Cambridge today”. The bulletin is suddenly cut off as the real news video begins.


Difficulty Medium-Hard

New Year’s Eve, 1999, Scottish Highlands

You are Robert Montgomerie, the sole direct heir to the Kildermorie estate and the Montgomerie family fortune. You attend a family reunion organized by your grandfather, Hugh ‘Monty’ Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Kildermorie, to celebrate the start of the new millennium.

As the guests toast, a scream is heard… Your grandfather is found dead in the library; and it looks like a MURDER.


Many puzzles require teamwork: a minimum of 2 players is required, but usually 4-6 players together have a better chance of success. The maximum is 6 players aged 9 and over.

No, no matter how many players are in your group, we won’t pair you with other players.

33$ + tax for ages 15 and over and 28$ + tax for ages 9 – 14 accompanied by an adult. Ages 0-8 are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the game to benefit from the usual explanations. Games last 60 minutes. You’ll certainly want to share your experience in our lively, under-age-accessible pub afterwards.

None of our scenarios include horror scenes, and there’s no physical effort required to complete the puzzles.

French or English, please specify when booking. Games are in French by default.

Our escape rooms are on the 2nd floor of the complex, and are not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Yes, if you want to play at a specific time, evenings and weekends are particularly busy. People on site can of course play if there’s a room available.

There are none, but children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. That said, the puzzles vary in difficulty, and some youngsters under 14 won’t enjoy taking part.

Reservations are binding. In the event of absence without prior cancellation, the full activity will be billed. It is possible to re-schedule the activity up to twenty-four hours before the start of the game, by telephone only: (514) 498-2228.

We offer ample parking, a full restaurant with large outdoor terrace, bowling alley, lasertag arena, reception hall, virtual reality games in our arcade area. So you can be accompanied by your family and friends, even if they prefer another activity.