Sports Team Packages

For a successful sports team outing at either BoulZeye’s laser tag or bowling (or both) in Montreal

With our huge Laser Tag arena, which allows up to 40 simultaneous players, and our 16 bowling lanes with projections on giant screens, the Boulzeye differs from other traditional bowling alleys. You will have the occasion to be both entertained and have a fun experience, all in one place.
Your team outing and end of season party will never be the same when you step foot at BoulZeye. We also offer fundraising programs for sports teams.

Free parking at BoulZeye

1) Ample free parking at the rear of the building. Don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of parking meters. Tour and school bus parking is also available.

Easily accessible by car (or school – tour bus)

2) Easily accessible via the major highways for the people of the South Shore, the North Shore and all of Metropolitan Montreal.

Choose the length and budget for your activity

3) BoulZeye offers different activity packages with durations ranging from one hour to four hours. Normally, three hours are enough to entertain young and older athletes. All activities take place in one single location.

Eat on site

4) You are stuck in time? Simplify your life by enjoying our delicious pizza trio that includes two slices of home made pizza, fries and a drink. For a $ 1.50 replace your soft drink or juice by Slush.

Simplified Payments

5) The coaches or team organizers, take care of paying for their team players. Parents take care of themselves, their other family members and invited guests. Don’t need to collect from everyone.
The family members of the team players (parents, siblings as well as friends) who want to participate in the activities, can also enjoy the same package rates as the players. They can also choose only to participate in activities of their choice, without taking the full package. In this situation, individual prices apply for each given activity.
We ask that you validate the number of participants and the choice of activities when you make your official reservation. This is to ensure to have a sufficient number of bowling lanes and Laser Tag jackets for everyone.

BoulZeye, the activity center for sports teams

6) We are very much accustomed to hosting various sports teams; hockey, soccer, football, baseball, water sports, as well as bowling teams,

BoulZeye, is known for its:

  • spectacular facilities with its cutting edge of technology,
  • the festive atmosphere generated by multimedia projections playing Top 40 music videos (as well as sports events on game night),
  • and especially by the welcome and the positive energy of it’s team.

The well-being of our customers is our priority. We firmly believe, in making your team outing a success by being both fun and memorable. We take care of everything to help you organize your activity.

Available sports teams Packages for laser tag and bowling at BoulZeye

The BoulZeye packages below are our most popular deals for sports teams. Individual prices are the prices for friends or relatives who are not participating in all the same activities as detiled in the packages, but still would like to join the fun. The package prices also apply for family and friends.

Option: End of season gala event (party)

Our second floor reception hall “Le 2e du BoulZeye” is well equipped to give the appearance of a gala evening.

  • 16’x 12′ Stage,
  • Microphones,
  • Projection screen for show off tema players photos or or award winners,
  • Sound system,
  • Both background and party music,
  • Long buffet counter with multiple electrical outlets,
  • Huge dance floor,
  • Night club lighting, etc.

Special Sunday night deal.

We offer our reception hall at half price, if you pair it with one of our activities packages.
Exceptionally for sports teams, we allow the holding of a community supper. Each parent brings a dish to share with the group.

  • All heaters must be electrical (no flames).
  • You are not permitted to bring your own beverages (water, soft drinks, juice, milk, drink, etc.) since we sell them on site.
  • You can also use the service of our caterer “Les Allants.”
  • Caterer Management Fees of $ 80 will apply for the buffet service as well as for community suppers.

No additional Caterer Management Fee will apply for the hall rental if you order the Pizza Trio offered by the Boulzeye.

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