What’s Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a game of lasers, a physical activity where participants, dressed in a jacket with several sensors, are shooting the other players with “laser guns”.

The sensors are located on the jacket as follows:

Landry au LaserTag du BoulZeye 2013

  • A Sensor on each shoulder
  • A Sensor in the middle of the torso
  • A Sensor in the middle of the back
  • A Sensor on the laser gun

The Laser Tag Game concept

The game is to lead a fictional war between the participants (up to forty players), which are equipped with a fake gun with a laser pointer.
Played individually or in teams, the matches take place in a maze. This labyrinth is smoky and lit with fluorescent lights, consisting of two floors, where energizing music sets a unique atmosphere for the participants. The duration of a match is generally 14 minutes with two different games during this period.

Landry au Laser Tag du BoulZeye 2013

The BoulZeye laser Tag Scoring

The players score points when they hit their opponent’s sensors, they can also score points for hitting the sensors of the opponent’s base. A computer manages the sensor detection system and keeps track of the points.
When a player is hit, he loses points and sees his weapon and sensors turn off for a few seconds, giving him time to move away from his opponents and think about a tactical action-plan.
After the game, the player or team that has scored the most points is declared the winner.