Laser tag

BoulZeye, the place to play Laser Tag in Montreal

It’s a high technology computerized game that resembles our childhood games, a mixture of ‘hide and seek’, ‘Tag’ and ‘capture the flag’ games. Playing in a 6000-square-feet arena of fluorescent lights, walking into the arena is like walking into a video game with a futuristic maze where you have teammates and opponents. Pulsating music, sirens, and intermittent flashes of color and light break the misty darkness and awaken the player in you. Laser Tag appeals to players of all ages.

For younger and new players, this is an action game where you move into a world of fantasy. Players come out breathless and laughing. For the older and more experienced players, there is the challenge to beat their best score or joining a team that has to defend a base. For the vast majority of participants, they see this game as a fun social activity. For serious players, it’s a competitive sport. These players can play many types of games. They are proud of being specialized and can discuss a strategy for as long as someone will listen.


Approximately 2.75 million Laser Tag games are played every month in North America. Come try it out with friends, you will live a thrilling experience.

Our 2-story arena can accommodate 40 players at once, for ages 6 to 106 years! The floors are carpeted and the rigid plastic obstacles have almost no right angles, all in order to provide a comfortable and safe environment.