The Best Team Building Activities in Montreal

One location, multiple activities for the best team building event. Facilitation networking with billiards, team spirit while bowling and leadership with laser tag challenges.

Team building considerations: Location

Many of our customers will refer to us as Montréal’s finest family entertainment center for fun and games for all ages. From social outings, anniversaries or parties, BoulZeye’s has the coolest bowling lanes in Canada, a large two-story Laser Tag arena, a comfortable billiards zone as well as our immense reception hall “Le2e”. Not only do we offer vast free parking, but we are easily accessible from the main auto-routes within Montréal, South shore, North shore and surroundings.
We do absolutely provide for a great lounge atmosphere, exciting entertainment for all ages, nested in a relaxed and secured setting, but at BoulZeye, we are all about understanding your business needs. Need a meeting room for your annual wrap-up, formal training, directors brain-storming session or the start of you team building activities?

Our large meeting room provides plenty of space for demonstrations, team activities, games or various seating and table arrangements.

BoulZeye’s installations caters to your business needs.

  • HD projector,BoulZeye Business Background
  • 8′ screen,
  • 4 wall mounted screens,
  • a small 12′ x 16′ stage,
  • wired and wireless microphones,
  • Blu-ray player and Apple TV
  • free Wi-Fi with separate high speed access for the presentors
  • and we even plug everything in for you (mac or pc), so your meeting will go as smoothly as possible and you have nothing to worry about.

Team building considerations: BoulZeye staff:

Not only do we provide various levels of team building activities, but our staff is there to assist you organize and succeed with your event.
BoulZeye’s group sales staff (better known as your event planners), have all played key business roles in organizations and associations. As a team, we provide years of success, tons of great ideas and suggestions to customize your event from start to finish, to create your most outstanding event!

Unstructured team building event:
Billiards as the Icebreaker or building Networking Opportunities

One the simplest forms of a team building activity, which is meant to be an icebreaker or provide networking opportunities, is the happy hour social gathering around our billiards tables.

Party de noël BoulZeye - Le Jockey 2014Meant for everyone to have a good time and have fun in a relaxing environment, what better way to achieve the team atmosphere. With today’s mobile virtual workplace and departmental cocooning, your staff may often be isolated with few opportunities nor time for networking with their own confreres. Shoot some pool, have a pint, indulge in some finger food and mingle with the group, before your turn at the tables. Billiards brings the benefits of networking and encourages dialogue for those who often work solo, but needs to stay in touch.

Structured team building event:
Bowling as a Team Sport

Strike! Teen girl rejoicing at a strike.

Bowling is quite probably the most popular sport to play and longest lived.

The sport is played by more than 50 million people in U.S. alone.

  • is also easy to explain,
  • can be played at all ages,
  • no equipment to bring, and
  • requires very little physical stress (exertion)
  • and since BoulZeye lanes only have small bowling balls, weight is not a problem.

A bowling-based team building exercise can work for your people.
It provides positive reinforcement of teamwork and lets them build inter-personal relationships that can help on the job.

We often consider bowling as an individual sport. Definitely people keep track of their scores and pray for the day of the perfect 300 match.
But it is more common for bowling to be enjoyed as a team sport.
While individual bowlers compare their scores against other individuals, bowling teams simply add their scores together and compare that against the other team’s cumulative score.
It is easy to build on that team aspect of bowling to use it as a team building exercise for your organization.

Two team building opportunities

  1. Create teams based on departments, work teams, mixture of athletic capabilities or bowling experience (creating a balance athletes versus non-athletes across the teams) or
  2. Separate everyone on the spot by a blind name draw.

The people with bowling experience or athletic skill will need to help their teammates.
That’s what team building is all about, the people with a particular skill helping their team when it needs that skill.
To add to the fun create goofy team names, have team members wear certain colours or add props for team identification such as caps or coloured necklaces.

Corporate Team Building:
How Laser Tag Fun Builds The Team

Laser Tag, considered as both action filled and recreational, is fast becoming one of the most accessible team building activities.
The BoulZeye laser shooting (tagging) game makes use of hand-held laser guns, illuminated vests, and an attractive venue that resembles a sci-fi setting.
Besides the smiles and laughter, no one gets hurt or bruised. It’s one of the safest physical activities ever.

Desjardins Entreprises au BoulZeye le 18 dec 2014

BoulZeye provides for a variety of customized game formats to both create great amount of fun and encourage team strategies. There are different variations of these games, but games usually involves tagging the members of the other team as often as possible to gain points. Whichever team has the most points is proclaimed the winner.
Due to it’s nature, laser tag inherently will provide a sense of team pride, camaraderie, enhanced communication skills, and healthy competition. Laser tag is an exciting and memorable game for employees, and everyone is physically fit to play at all ages.
It is definitely a refreshing break from the routines in the office.

Lasertag Team Building Benefits: Promotes Camaraderie

The most evident benefit of laser tag as a teambuilding activity is that it promotes camaraderie and establishes rapport among members
of the organization. Vying for the top spot, teamwork is a must, defining strategies and communicating a clear plan of action.
All the members must be in sync and the team should work together to reach the same goal.
Opposing teams can’t be handled single-handedly.
Not all members can be leaders but they must hone their leadership skills.
With the right leadership skills, each member will learn how to lead and follow.

Lasertag Team Building Benefits: Encourages Creativity

This game also encourages creativity from each member. Winning a game doesn’t just require people to shoot with their laser weapons.
Each member of the team must brainstorm for ideas to come up with a solid strategy or attack tactics for winning.
A good strategy should maximize the abilities of each member. Such skills will be valuable in the workplace.
A game of laser tag will be a fun way to enhance these skills.

Lasertag Team Building Benefits: Releasing the office stress with laser tag participation

Nothing releases frustration and stress, whether work-related or not, is a laser tag game challenge.
Office coffee breaks may be beneficial to calm frazzled nerves, but an out of the office or factory group interaction, has great impact in creating better communications, motivation and reducing office tensions.

Reinforce Team Building With Awards

Decide ahead of time what awards to hand out at the conclusion of the event.
Identical prizes should be given to all team members of the team with the highest score and of the second and third place teams.
You may want to award a few individual prizes for highest score in each game.
Humorous awards like most improved, worst bowler, lowest score, can lighten the mood as well as give you a way to include more non-bowlers in the prizes.

BoulZeye: One location to reach your team building goals

At BoulZeye, we take all measures to make us the perfect the venue for check-listyour next team building event. We listen to our clients and offers sound advice and recommendations rooted in experience in over 600 annual events. To help in your organisation, BoulZeye has two full time event planners on staff to assist with your event, making sure nothing is forgotten and your event runs seamlessly.
Our event planners would love to help determine what type of program will suit your team best to meet your event objective!

Known for providing entertaining and problem free activities for companies, BoulZeye is your best stop in Montréal for your next team building event. Let us proposed a schedule for your activities, assist you with special requests, and suggest eating arrangements that’s a best fit for the size of your group and budget.

4 Great food choices for your teambuilding activites

Four food choices are available: 1) We have an on-site restaurant with home made pizza and great finger food. 2) We can arrange for delicious individual lunch boxes 3) we have an established relationship with a top caterer and 4) if you insist, for an additional fee, you can order via your own caterer with certain conditions.


We try to keep it simple: One location, Multiple Activities, Various food and Drink services (including multiple licensed bars) and One invoice.
If you have any questions or want BoulZeye to organize and host your next team building event, then contact our us by clicking here today for an on-line request or call us at 514-498-2228 ext. 234

About BoulZeye: We are not your regular family business entertainment center, we focus on the business community.
Just in 2015, we were both finalist of Tourism Montréal’s best touristic attraction Ulysse Awards, and top retail commerce Estim Award for the Montréal East Chamber of Commerce. We were also awarded the William Brown Award for upcoming young executive from Tourist Montréal.
We are on the board of the Chamber of Commerce Point de L’ile (Montréal) and member of the Montréal East Chamber of Commerce


Suggested reading on teambuilding:

A great article to read before attempting a Team Building activity, was published by Mrs. Rosalind Cardinal from the Huffington Post on April 23rd 2015.
She writes about important factors within your organization which need to be considered and may influence the success or failure of
your event. Team Building Activities 5 Things to Consider

We also recommended downloading a complimentary copy of our e-guide on Team Building “9 Tips and tricks to get maximum leverage with teambuilding” A great insight for running a team building event either at BoulZeye or anywhere else. Sorry, basic information required and e-guide will be emailed to you immediately.Ebook-cover2-3d-en1-803x1024