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BoulZeye Event Photos

Welcome to BoulZeye’s photo galleries.

Photos of our friends and customers that held events at BoulZeye, enjoying Laser Tag, Bowling, Billiards, and their activities held in our Reception and Meeting room on the 2nd floor “Le 2e”.

Easy steps to download your BoulZeye photos

Occasionally, our in-house photographer takes pictures during activities. The site is actually hosted externally, due to the thousands of pictures taken since our opening. Instead of making copies of CDs, USB keys, or trying to email 100s of photos, this external site is an image hosting service with easy access, and our photo downloads are FREE.

The direct access to BoulZeye’s download site

is located at the bottom of this page.


1) Instructions to locate your photos,

first go to the gallery where your main activity was held.












2) Then to locate your folder,

they are usually in chronological order, with the most recent being the first one on the list.














3) Open your folder,

click the arrows (either of the thumb nails or on the bottom of the featured photo by the number count) to go through the different thumbnails.











4) Double click on an image of interest.

This will bring it to full screen.
Three choices to download your images:

  • You can do a “Save as” with an open image, but this will be way too long.
  • On the bottom right hand corner you have options. From right to left, you have the green BUY button (don’t use unless you wnat a t-shirt or your photo on a mug). Next to it is a multiple size icon, which I’ll explain wiht the next image
  • And then one of an arrow facing downward. Use this to automatically download the origional file to your computers default file.





5) Choose the multiple size icon,

a pull up screen will show with more download options.

Small is for when you want to quickly add it to Facebook or your phone

Medium to x-large is to save locally on your PC or Mac and include the medium size for a website.

Original is when you want to send it to a printer.

I want to download a high-quality image (i.e. for printing locally, at home or for publishing in local newspapers, etc.)

Full resolution (original size) image files are available for download.

Sorry, there is no way to download all the images at once.


If your next event requires capturing those special moments at the BoulZeye, lets us know in advance.
Call 514- 498-2228 x234

Questions about the photos:
(514) 498-2228 ext. 234

Thank you for checking us out.


Below is BoulZeye’s download site